VortexHealing® – Divine Energy Healing

Divine Energy Healing

VortexHealing is a Divine healing art and path for awakening. It is designed to transform the roots of emotional consciousness, heal the physical body, and awaken freedom within the human heart. This is the Merlin lineage.

What is a Divine healing art?

It is one that is derived solely from Divine energy and consciousness, and where the Divine Source for that healing art is guiding the movement of that energy and consciousness. The Divine is the Transcendent, Immanent and Utterly Unfathomable Source of All, but also has pure Expressions of Itself that can act as a Source for various kinds of lineages, whether spiritual, religious or a healing/awakening lineage such as VortexHealing. (A ‘lineage’ is a direct line of teachings going back to a single source.)

How deeply can VortexHealing work?

In VortexHealing, the ability to heal with the source energy of its lineage is given by ‘direct consciousness transmission’, where the Divine source of the lineage transmits all that is needed for channeling VortexHealing directly into the client’s consciousness.

What is the Merlin lineage?

It is the historical line of teachers and students that have learned VortexHealing from the Divine Expression that calls itself Merlin. (The Merlin that is associated with King Arthur was not this Divine Expression but one of the human teachers of the Merlin lineage.)

All Divine Expressions bring into manifestation a unique quality of the Divine. Merlin brings in the quality of magical transformation. Merlin’s healing art, VortexHealing, transforms emotional conditioning, transforms physicality and transforms ego-identity. The movement of that transformation is through the Divine magic of Merlin’s energy and consciousness. The nature of that movement is the magical awakening of conditioned consciousness

What is the significance of spiritual awakening?

Our experience is that we are a localized, personal, separate self—a particular ‘I’, a particular ego. This gives rise to a sense of me and mine, and to a deep sense of lack and a fear of annihilation. It is the basis for all our struggles, needs, conflicts and fears—for all of our emotional pain and suffering.

Spiritual awakening is what heals us of the trance of being this individual ego. Spiritual awakening, therefore, creates the opening and possibility for us to finally and fully unhook from our issues.

Instead of living from the pain and suffering of a separate someone that is struggling through life, we finally have the possibility to live from freedom. And as the movement into this freedom deepens, and as we learn to embody this freedom in our day-to-day living, we awaken to the direct experience that all of life is One—One Source, One Consciousness, One Divinity—and we are That. From the point of view of healing, this is the true healing: we become whole again!

Why is VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing so powerful?

VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing works solely with Divine light and consciousness, bridging Source into the very roots of your issues. It releases the consciousness of separateness, awakening consciousness to its true nature—the Self, which has no sense of separateness.

When Divine consciousness is truly accessed, it also acts as an independent intelligence; it knows exactly where the roots of your issues are held and goes directly there to transform them. VortexHealing works with both Divine energy and Divine consciousness, accessing both in a variety of ways.

VortexHealing uses 49 forms of Divine Vortex light; each one is designed by the Divine to accomplish a different function, and each one goes exactly where it needs to go to optimally help the Divine consciousness into human consciousness.

When you experience what VortexHealing is able to do, you will know why Merlin has always been associated with magic.

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