The Divine Note

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A series of Revelations led to Tony receiving a direct Transmission from the Divine.

He was told he was being given “The Divine Note” to offer to others.

The Divine note is a Harmonic Frequency. It harmonises the mind and body. Receiving the Divine Note is a personal experience, but the effects are invariably the same – feelings of deep relaxation, calmness and peace. The Divine Note is available on an individual basis, in groups and can also be offered at a distance.

As the Divine Note was received as a direct transmission from the Divine it is offered as a Gift for which no charge is made.

“When the body and mind are together, we are truly present in the here and now and we can live every moment of daily life deeply.”   – Thich Nhat Hanh


Testimonials received for the Divine Note:

First of all, it is very difficult for me to sit down, with my feet flat on the ground and not let anything else distract me, even though it was for a mere 15-20 mins. I forced myself to do so anyway, I started off fidgeting until my mind started wondering and then into a floating state. Then I felt my feet start to settle, I took deep breaths to help myself not give up this sitting. I felt lighter and a gentle stream of energy around and within the body.

When the session was over, I am most thankful to feel a relief from the chronic inflammation pain widespread through my legs. It was a beautiful experience and I can only imagine what more sessions can do to help those in physical and emotional pain.

Thank you, Tony!” SP, Aug 2014 (Divine Note sent distantly to Far East)


(Day 1)

Hi Tony

I sat as instructed at 5:30pm yesterday. My experience was of tingling in right arm up to my neck, but nothing else, although I did feel very peaceful with no sense of time passing. I think that where I sat was not ideal and may have offered a few distractions noise wise!!! I would really like to repeat this again if possible and I thank you so much for sending me the Divine Note yesterday.”.
Kind Regards.

K.K. August 2014 (Divine Note sent distantly)

(Day 2)

Hi Tony

Thank you – Thank you… My experience tonight was peaceful.  I was endlessly floating and then 3 times in succession a white cloud appeared with lightening flashing inside it.  After the 3rd time it floated away… I feel euphoric… I can’t thank you enough for sharing the Divine Note with me.  It was a perfect experience. Thank you again, It was magical.”

K.K August 2014


Hi Tony

Just want to thank you for sharing ‘The Divine Note’ with us once again, it never fails to move me in some way but, as I explained to you, last Thursday’s Divine Note really was so moving yet reassuring and so very extra special……

As we went into the silence and you were receiving the Divine Note to share with all those present, I both sensed and saw a ‘Christ like’ figure, a powerful yet pure being that radiated beauty, love and light, even those words seem insufficient to describe this ‘wondrous’ presence.  He stood before me, facing me with hands out as if making an offering, not speaking a word, not needing to speak at all, it was a truly wondrous moment full of unconditional love and light.  I could also hear a sound not dissimilar to that of a Tibetan singing bowl, although the sound I heard was at a much higher pitch and from higher vibrational frequency.  You would imagine this to be uncomfortable on the ear, but in fact, it was far from that…and was pure again, too.  After what seemed quite a while the ‘Christ like’ figure slowly, serenely and with grace took a few steps back until he was in the middle of the circle of friends present at healing.  The figure then grew in height, strength and power, still holding out his hands out face up and turned to face each person sat in the circle, offering and sharing the same wondrous experience I too had shared with him.  Even now the words I am writing just don’t seem to do the experience the justice it deserves, it was an experience beyond words, but then perhaps experience warrants no words…just pure unconditional love.  (Not sure I’ve explained or described that too well?)  Each time I have thought about the experience since I have sensed the wonder, the grace, the beauty and the love shared during that truly ‘Divine’ moment.

Again a big, big thank you to Tony for sharing this ‘Divine Note’ with us.

Love and light

M April 2012


Here is my feed back for your Divine Note offering.  For the first 15 minutes, calming…………very relaxing…….then after 20 minutes WOW!!  An amazing deep wave of energy physically swept through me and at the same time a  bright white light lit up the room from outside.  It was a cloudy day so, no, it wasn’t sunshine……… an incredible sense of deep connectedness with everything followed.  A truly astonishing experience.

It is not really possible to put into words the feelings and sensations because this needs to be experienced individually.

I think you have an incredible gift and I am more grateful than words can ever express for sharing the Divine Note with me. 

JH May 2012 (Sent remotely)


“I certainly felt a presence.  I felt hands around the back of my neck, soothing tension around my spine right there and stroking it away.  The hands were in a prayer shape, e.g pointing upwards.

I felt all sorts of energetic movement in my body (mostly releasing tension and negativity) and around the head and neck I felt/saw a huge rush of energy released upwards through the crown.

As it came to a close, I heard the words that ‘the last bonds have gone and from now, you will experience freedom, peace and joy, peace and joy”.

I am very heartened by the words I heard, as it has been pretty tough of late, in my earthly circumstances, so some “freedom, peace and joy” will be most welcome.

It was beautiful, and thank you so much.  It is a powerful gift you have received and transmitted and thank you so much for offering it to me.

Truly, in light and love”

VC February 2012 (Sent remotely)


“I felt like I was levitating. My arms felt like wings trying to lift.  Felt energy in my arms.

Feeling of giggles, really calm, happy and warm.

Pulsating sensation in my thighs”

SI November 2011


“ I’m not sure what happened, I got myself comfy, sat down and relaxed (at 5:30pm) – the next thing I knew I was waking up at precisely 6:00pm on the dot!  I wasn’t particularly tired, so I don’t know what to think.

The funny thing was that I slept like a log last night (after receiving the Divine Note), which, after having had a power nap so to speak, I wouldn’t have expected.”

SC November 2011:


“The Divine Tone is a wonderful gift to the world Tony, and it’s so exciting to hear how quickly it’s already spreading.  I’m not sure exactly how it’s affecting me, but as I have been performing this week there is a very strong sense that Spirit is working through me, and that I am just a channel for the music that comes through……..

Congratulations on this new level of advanced healing initiation Tony; it is a very powerful tool”

ZM (Professional Musician) October 2011


“Forgot to say that my vortex of energy was a lovely blue light…”

BB (Art Teacher) October 2011:


During:’ “Neck and shoulders relaxing and lengthening”

‘Following:’ “I feel increasingly ‘cared for,’ ‘encouraged,’ and ‘calmly confident & enthused.’ The Heart is noticeably less contracted. Easier to breathe”

RF January 2012 following transmission to the United States

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