Retreats Available

There are different kinds of Retreat,  but all have a common thread – the need for something to change! At Sanctuary, we understand that and our mission is to offer the right kind of Retreat to bring about the change you are seeking.

What kind of Retreat is right for me?

Spiritual Retreat

Spiritual Healing/Awakening Retreat

A gentle process of letting go of habitual, conditioned responses to life, leading to an awakening to your true self.  This Retreat can be a life changing experience.


Bewdley Bridge

Solitude Retreat

A supportive, yet respectful environment providing the time, place and space for undisturbed contemplation and reflection on your life choices:- past, present and future. Bewdley, a translation of the French “Beau Lieu” meaning ‘beautiful place’, is an uplifting setting for some personal ‘down-time’ or to re-connect to your inner self.


Table & Chairs

Respite & Rejuvenation Retreat

Post operative recovery; convalescence from illness, burn-out or overwhelm; bereavement or relationship breakdown – Sanctuary provides a pressure free time and place for natural healing.  Relaxation & rejuvenation sessions are available at Sanctuary and 2 day spas in the town centre a few minutes walk away.