“I had a lovely experience at the Sanctuary and one I hope to repeat maybe later in the year as I do believe there is more to heal!

I have to admit to not being a client who skipped joyfully out to greet the masses with huge smiles after my sessions – I was too tired!!  No one would believe how exhausting it can be to lie sleeping for circa 6 hours over a weekend!!!

However, all is as it should be and I was meant to wait to send this
e mail as I met a friend for lunch today and was telling her of my experience and realised exactly how much I have taken away from our sessions.

I was able to have a frank talk with my partner about my needs and feelings (some areas remain untouched there, but Rome wasn’t built in a day!) and as the days go on, I have reminiscences from earlier years – some happy memories of childhood activities I had, all but forgotten (albeit without my step mother being a part of said activity!).

I had never thought to separate the actions of the person from the person – but now I can look with some sympathy at my Step Mother’s behaviour – something in her past has caused her to act the way she does. I had also never realised that a lot of my issues may be linked to the loss of my Mother at such a young age and the subsequent upheaval and uncertainty surrounding that time. Thank you for allowing me to see that I have lived my life without truly grieving for the loss and love of my mother. Perhaps we can work on that next time!”*

*Results may vary from person to person