“My experience of SHEN has been incredible, and I can hardly believe the changes that have resulted. Tony created a supportive and safe space in which I was able to embark on my ‘Journey to Freedom’, for which I am deeply grateful. Having tried various techniques for emotional releasing work over the years, I am able to say that only SHEN has resolved issues at the core, giving me a feeling of completion. Since SHEN my feelings and responses to things have changed for the better, and I’m far less controlled by past conditioning. I’m free to make new choices. I find that if I do experience difficult emotions, they are far less intense and are transient, rather than lingering on. Prior to SHEN I experienced low level anxiety most of the time for as long as I can remember, and this has now gone. I feel transformed, I have more energy, I feel more peaceful and best of all I’m experiencing a feeling which must be happiness! I’m also more present and feel a sense of purpose again, which I’ve not had for many years. My relationships are working better and after a series of SHEN I was motivated to go out and get a new job, which I successfully did in less than a week! In many ways I feel as though my life has just begun, and it’s truly wonderful. Thank you Tony!.”