Mother & Daughter End of Retreat Comments:

You invited us into your home and provided a Sanctuary. I entered heavy, weighed down and in despair. I have left enlightened, safe and peaceful. That is all thanks to you.

There are no words to thank you for your generosity. I will put my skills to use and help bring SHEN into more people’s lives.
With much love & light. TM

Thank you with all my heart and soul for guiding me back onto my Spiritual journey and re-awakening my soul.

I feel empowered and full of love and hope to practice SHEN in the future to share my experience with more loved ones. Lot of love. LM

We send our love and eternal gratefulness to you from the bottom of our hearts. TM & LM

One week later:

A week after returning from the retreat, and far from losing the peace that has developed within me during my SHEN therapy, it has soared throughout me, matured and continues to develop. I didn’t recognise the feeling within me; it was unfamiliar as a new skin. Family and friends commented, ‘you seem different’, some seemed threatened, so unfamiliar I seemed to them. What was this?, what has changed so dramatically? Oh my!..….. could it be happiness? True happiness, that comes from a refreshed and peaceful soul?

Happiness was an elusive and fleeting ‘sensation’, I had experienced so seldom, thanks to my dark childhood emotions buried so deep inside me, it suffocated any emotion other than grief, despair and self hatred.
I still am faced with the same curve balls life throws at us. My precious father has cancer, my bills are still piling up. But, I am fundamentally changed. I can now put these things into the perspective needed to ‘deal’ with them. They still hit me with the same intensity. The difference is, well, me. They settle and I can look at them with rationality. I am at peace. My feelings of anger and rage, despair and grief no longer engulf me. They are gone, replaced with a serenity I never before felt I deserved. Until Tony.

I do not write these words lightly, it is hard to articulate what I feel and the transformation that has taken place, and is continuing to develop.
I feel blessed. I have forgiven myself and those who harmed me. I have learned to listen to my body and respond in an appropriate manner. Tony and SHEN, have given me this. A blessed gift, not just to me, but to my loved ones also.
Gone are the dark days, Tony, I am so truly grateful.
Much, much, love. TM