“Hello Tony,

I cannot believe the difference from where I was a month ago, from being in that black hole to actually being out of it.  I still have the odd moment where I feel a little fed up but it doesn’t take long to pick myself up and move on.

When I returned home, the drive seemed very long and I felt very tearful even when I arrived home I felt very emotional and thought nothing worked, however I went to bed that night and woke up the next morning feeling like so much had been lifted and for the first time in weeks I felt motivated to do something and each day has got better and better.  The doctor signed me off work until January, just to make sure I was strong enough for work, but going back to work with new challenges has been good.

I have had a lot of support at work and everyone welcomed me back which was lovely.  I enjoy my job and it is so good to be back and feeling so good again and I can only thank you and SHEN for that, what an amazing difference it has made to me.  I can not thank you enough.

Lovely to hear from you, stay in touch.
Lots of love x”*

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