Japanese Client

“Thank you very much for giving me your wonderful therapy!

I thank you for trillions times!!!   Thank you so much for giving me such wonderful life changing experience!!

I want you to know that what you did to me was a real gift with a blessing from God or something invisible yet powerful. It stays inside me deeply.

I started feeling a change inside me while I was at Sanctuary. Now the feeling is getting vivid. Now I rather feel so strange. I feel that I’m still not able to integrate the things that I got while I was there with you. To prove that, I’ve been restless since I came back here. And I remember how you told me about people who had SHEN. I know this is normal response to the therapy. But to be honest I was rather expecting myself to  cry a lot tonight, but I haven’t cried at all tonight. I just feel so strange.

It is very strange that I can’t easily fit in to my old environment now. I can’t explain it very well. I love my home – a very nice apartment in this wonderful location. I just feel that I now experience this space differently. I’ve started feeling that the void inside myself has started filling up since you gave me your huge gift.

I really look forward to seeing you again. Your warmth, generosity, kindness, love and goodness are so amazing! You don’t know how much those mean to me. I’ve never experienced those in the way you presented to me. I want to have SHEN therapy more. It’s more than that. I NEED it more. I’m coming back to you definitely!

On the way going back home, I felt so blessed especially when I saw a big thick rainbow! It’s so auspicious!

God (or Angel) blesses you, Tony!

With very best wishes”* (Japanese Client)

*Results may vary from person to person

Follow up from Japanese Client:

I have been thinking what you have wrote to me always.

You probably don’t know how much your kindness and generosity are touching my heart so deeply.

I was almost crying by reading your last message to teach me how to nurture relationships! Since I’ve never had any mentors/parents/guardian figures in my life, I’ve never learnt anything from anybody. I’m very self-taught, but I really know that my ways are not always right in terms of intercommunication. My ways used to well enough to protect me from all the bad influence from my broken family. But the way was only one of a war. I didn’t get any learning how to nurture. Until I met you, I have been more or less always fighting  on my behalf, even when it wasn’t necessary for me to do so.

Meeting you was one of my most important times in my life. You have changed something big in my life by that you show me what the love is and how to ‘live’ properly. I didn’t know how to live or anything. I was a lost soul. But now I feel I’m grounded more than ever before. I feel something warm inside me always since I met you. I can’t say THANK YOU enough to you.

Because of your brilliant power and love, I could have a great time with (my Partner) in this holiday.  I fell down with a very high fever and headache for 2 days. He was so devoted when I was suffering from the illnesses. I was so touched by his care!! And I expressed my appreciation to him many times by following your advices, of course! (my partner)is a wonderful man. I’ve never met anybody so nice to me for all my life before, so I’m really, really grateful to be able to be with him. But I know that I will have to conquer my issues more and more. Perhaps this is a life long process to fight with my own demons. But I’m very willing to keep working on all the issues that I have. I don’t want to keep having the influence from my family like before any more.
(Japanese client)*

*Results may vary from person to person