12 days after the Retreat:

“Hi Tony!

I hope you do not think me rude by not e.mailing you sooner, after my retreat. I could have e.mailed you as soon as I got home and given you ‘the usual’ feedback… I feel great. A weight has been lifted. I feel lighter etc.etc. All very true, but I decided it would be much more beneficial to you to leave it a week or so and see how I felt after I had been at work and lived in the ‘real world’ again for a while.

Well I’m afraid I might disappoint you !…. I DO feel lighter, like a weight has been lifted, vacuous in fact. It’s great. So I’m not really adding anything you didn’t know and I expect would already expect yourself. Sure I have felt tired at times and I know I still have some healing etc. to do, but SHEN has really helped and I know things will just keep getting better, even if I feel low (it’s just a lesson to learn from anyway), I have the tools, or the lack of baggage to deal with it.”

Thank you very much.
Blessings and Love”*
*Results may vary from person to person

3 weeks after the Retreat:

“Hi Tony,

Thanks for your reply to my email. I am still feeling great, life just keeps getting better and better. I love it.
I will see how things ‘pan out’ in various ways before committing to a SHEN Workshop. Life is so full, I’m sure you find this too. But it would be good to do a workshop sometime.

Peace and Light”*

*Results may vary from person to person