Dear Tony,

I’ve had almost a whole week since my wonderful retreat. First of all I would like to thank you for providing such a beautiful apartment. It felt like being in my own little cottage and was just the perfect setting for me from the moment I walked in. It was like a home away from home except I have missed the place even as I’m sat here writing this and I’m even contemplating finding a little cottage of my own! It was the perfect environment for me along with Bewdley itself which was just beautiful.

I have been trying to adjust and get used to myself over the last week. Reading that back to myself it sounds rather strange and the best way to explain that, is the feeling of having my energy and my thoughts back. I can feel the emotional disconnect from the past which was making my life a living hell. Also, I have realised my ability to take control of myself each time I find my mind wondering back to those awful debilitating thoughts which is something I was finding absolutely impossible before my SHEN Therapy. It is quite simply a miracle that I have been searching for, for over 18 months when nothing else was working!

Having quite literally seen ‘the light’ during my sessions, I am finding changes within myself and my outlook on life. For a start I’m starting to feel so much happier again, especially in my own home where I am starting to feel what I should have felt a long time ago and that is “at home”. I’m starting to feel blessed and thankful for everything in my life. Most importantly I’m taking more care of myself as well as being kind to myself which is the most important lesson I learnt. I’m actually feeling more content and smiling in my own home!

I feel that at last I have more focus on my life and enthusiasm for big changes. On a practical level there is a lot to get through and although I may not yet have found the answers to what exactly I want to do with my life, SHEN has for now helped me clear the way for a new start. I really wish I had come to SHEN all those months ago when my life started to fall apart but I trust there is a reason why I found this now and it has saved my life.

I’ve been very blessed with finding you as my SHEN Therapist Tony. The healing and support were provided with so much love, attention and patience which was everything I needed to bring my focus back on me.  I know I will be seeing you again soon and in the meantime I will call you in the coming week to let you know how I’ve been getting on.
Much love”*

*Results may vary from person to person