I think less and feel more. I have more awareness of my body. I have become more aware of how much of a slave I have been to my brain/mind rather than it being a tool that I can use/control, I have become more observant of my thoughts. I have become more observant of my emotional and physical feelings. Through observation I have become truer to myself. I am learing self-forgiveness because I did not realise how much I had hurt myself. I observe more and speak less, I am happier to be quieter. I have become more confident, I stand up for myself more. I don’t back down so much just to make others happy or because I cannot stand controntation. I am truer to myself and do more for me even if that means I say to another “no or not now”, this is something that I have been learing / remembering for a while and has now become stronger. I love myself more each day and I am gentler on myself.”