*“Two weeks ago tonight I was still on retreat at your beautiful house in Bewdley. I remember at the time that you were very keen for me to keep you updated as to what happened after the retreat – especially as it didn’t appear that I experienced any kind of emotional release at the time.

Well I have definitely noticed a few different things since staying with you!

The main thing has been that on a day-to-day basis I just feel so much more ‘joyous’ than I did before – I just notice that I laugh more and feel happier than I did before – I feel that I am lighter and more light-hearted than before.

On the Saturday after the retreat I went out dancing and had what I would consider to be some kind of spiritual experience whilst dancing – I have always loved dancing, but on this night I just had the feeling of being connected/at one with the source of life, or as if the source of life was completely flowing through me, and as though myself and my ego and ideas about myself were of no relevance – it was an almost ecstatic experience – it was such a gorgeous feeling that it almost made me cry!

A few days after the retreat I also experienced a huge surge in my libido. I have had a low libido for a very long time – probably years, but for about a week I experienced a huge surge in libido which has now calmed down again but at the time it was a significant change!

I am really interested as to what all of this indicates – in your experience are these the kind of responses that you have seen in other people? and does your SHEN training give you any understanding or explanation as to why this type of reaction might occur in someone?

I feel as though maybe I didn’t have any really deeply held negative/destructive emotions – maybe they were released when I saw Vijay Rana for SHEN Therapy in London (where I did experience a huge release of grief). Do you think that there is a definite correlation between releasing emotions and then being in a state where it is easier to have spiritual experiences? or at least easier to feel happy and at peace?”

*Results may vary from person to person