A Healing Retreat at Sanctuary

“A Healing Retreat at Sanctuary”*
(by an Author following a Retreat)

For those needing some personal down time and one-on-one healing, Sanctuary offers an idyllic retreat space perfectly complimented by Tony Bailey’s SHEN healing therapy practice. Lying along the River Severn in the quiet town of Bewdley, Worcestershire, accommodation is a cosy self-catering apartment set in the back of a lovely, quiet old house and is conveniently situated underneath the therapy centre where daily intensive SHEN sessions are offered. Sessions are grouped as double-sessions lasting 3 hours and the large bright therapy space is decorated with healing and spiritual images, icons and items. Tony draws upon a wealth of client, group, therapeutic and workshop experience to tailor sessions to your individual needs.

SHEN is a gentle, but dynamic system of touch therapy that links healing energy directly to the body’s bio-fields and energy centres which facilitates the release of old emotional patterns of pain and, by the end of the healing journey, the re-integration of new healthier energy.

SHEN is a non-analytical therapy, but allows the exploration and expression of held past emotions and physical tensions that are holding us back. Visualisations, meditations and dream work are naturally incorporated, but emphasis is on the ‘passive’ receiving of energy. The client has nothing to do but lie quietly on a specially made cradle secured on top of the therapy table and be cocooned by the shifting energy fields as Tony works on different parts of the body and the various channels of energy. When I say ‘passive’ that refers to the patient lying back quietly to receive the SHEN energy and not to the dynamic sensations experienced as energy shifts and past memories, recollections and physically held tensions are actively released.

After 4 such double-sessions spaced over 3 ½ days and interspersed with lovely afternoon river and countryside walks, I felt released, recharged and ready to return to my less than tranquil City life. Old aches, forgotten memories and heart pains, both physical and emotional, had been cleared. Alongside the pain of loss – of loved ones as well as the dissatisfaction of difficult past relationships – residual fear, grief, and terror gently resurfaced and dispersed. In the space created, a new energy and vitality returned to my previously tired body and bones. A subtle, deep and profound change had been affected.

Tony works with all manner of clients from those working through trauma, grief and abuse, to those caught in any overwhelming sense of immediate crises. He is a charming, welcoming and humorous therapist who comes packed with a spiritual and energetic punch. It is his obvious joy and pleasure to work with clients willing to explore the healing journey and experience the gentle SHEN way. All you need to do, as a client, is to relax, receive and allow the profound rejuvenation to take place.

KB March 2013

*Results may vary from person to person