SHEN® Emotional Healing Therapy

What SHEN® sessions are like

You recline, fully clothed, on a special SHEN® ‘cradle’. You may feel tingles or other sensations as you relax deeply or enter a meditation-like state. Sometimes forgotten memories of pivotal events from earlier in life are re-experienced. You will likely feel the emotions related to these and to recent events, as they surface and leave, but in a way you can readily handle.

The process of raising and dissipating painful emotion with SHEN® is far gentler than you might think. Unlike some methods, SHEN does not shock you into recall so the pain of discovery is far easier to handle. And, because the qi flows between the practitioner’s hands are always drawing the emotion out, the emotion that remains is always being reduced, so the pain is lessening all the time.

How SHEN® can help you

Often during SHEN® sessions people recall decisions they made during early childhood about how their lives would ‘always be’ and now realize that these assumptions, or life-scripts, were faulty. Not surprisingly, the ‘fated’ life-scripts lose their control and their lives change.

Many who have received a short series of SHEN® sessions report that their relationships with family, friends, and work improved as their inner emotional conflicts resolved with SHEN®, others tell of surprisingly rapid recovery from childhood abuse or inner grief, fear, shame and/or hopelessness, still others that their negative emotional and behavioral patterns ended when their emotional pain cleared with SHEN. Most had more energy once the weight of their emotional past lifted – many exclaimed, “SHEN worked when nothing else helped.”

The number of sessions necessary varies from person to person; your practitioner can advise you on this. All SHEN® practitioners have received extensive SHEN® themselves and will be comfortable with any emotional episodes that may come up.