About SHEN®

Pioneering a breakthrough approach to emotional health,  SHEN® Therapy links a radically new understanding of how emotion interfaces with and influences the body and the mind, and the recently defined physics of the embodied emotional biofield – the source of emotion.

Early  SHEN® research

Early in his research on SHEN®, Richard Pavek discovered that painful emotions such as fear, grief, despair or shame trigger the Auto-Contractile Pain Response (an instinctive physical spasm that prevents tissue damage from broken bones) and realized that these contractions clenched and upset the heart and stomach as well as other organs. Unfortunately, the contraction traps the emotion inside. Since the brain cannot reverse spasmodic contractions, they squeeze and disrupt our bodies for as long as the emotional pain remains inside – often for many, many years – long after the mind has forgotten the event.

What we do in SHEN®

Placing our hands on your body in a series of precise locations indicated by your needs, we use the biofield qi (ch’i) from our hands to release the contractions trapping the painful emotions, safely lifting them to the surface to disperse and leave. As the painful emotions come to the end, the deeper empowering emotions of joy, love and confidence, are freed to establish a robust, resilient emotional core upon which to move forward in life.

How SHEN can help YOU

Many Clients report relationships with family, friends and work improved as their inner emotional conflicts resolved with SHEN – others tell of surprisingly rapid recovery from childhood abuse, inner grief, fear, shame and/or hopelessness – still others reported that their negative behavioural patterns ended as their emotional pain cleared with SHEN®. Most found they had more energy as the weight of their emotional past lifted, and many will tell you, “SHEN worked for me when nothing else did!”

When you’re ready – SHEN® is the next best thing to starting life over For over 25 years SHEN’s clinically established techniques have been the benchmark of rapid emotional recovery, and solid, balanced, emotional evolution.

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