Spiritual Healing/Awakening Retreats

Spirituality is the basis for  ALL-THAT-IS

Spirituality exists wherever we struggle with the issues of how our lives fit into the greater scheme of things.  Sanctuary Retreat Centre has been lovingly created to provide a place of healing and reflection where you can reach out for support to resolve current life issues and re-discover and re-connect with your inner guidance to help you not only live life but to love life.

Like many others, you will seek us when you realize that the time is right to heal yourself … our joy is to assist you in your journey of healing and  awakening.

We know that true teaching is not an accumulation of knowledge but an awakening of consciousness and that everyone has their own path to follow which is why we offer a completely flexible approach to meet your personal needs and desire for seeking a Retreat.  All Retreats are offered on a one to one basis with accommodation in a completely self contained apartment within Sanctuary.

Retreats are very popular and available at short notice including week ends and weekdays and organised to suit the individual.  Clients can book for a single night, or an extended stay . Spiritual healing is available and priced per session. Accommodation is priced per night for single occupancy on a bed and self catering breakfast basis – for which everything is provided.

You have every right to the gifts of the Spirit and to mastership of your own self.  Trust your own spiritual nature, listen to your still small voice, and follow.

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