Recovering from Childhood Neglect and Abuse

Childhood neglect and abuse is often described as a life long sentence by many of its sufferers.

Like a virus, it permeates all aspects of life; painful memories are a constant debilitating feature of day to day existence; Relationships break down and depression, anxiety and fear of the future sets in.

Why is it events that happened so many years ago still haunt us in our adult life, ready to strike without warning, leaving us feeling helpless and vulnerable to further abuse.

The answer is that our body is holding the emotional pain associated with past childhood neglect and abuse deep inside.  Present day events and situations trigger a memory of the original cause of the felt emotion and sets the cycle of depression, anxiety and fear spinning.

How can SHEN Therapy help? 3 principals make SHEN Therapy the most effective method of letting go of past hurts and reactivating our natural feeling states of love, joy, trust and happiness.

An understanding of the healing properties of the Human Bio-Field which envelops the entire body and is responsible for maintaining our natural state of well being.

A realisation that the body contracts around the source of pain (the medical term is Auto Contractile Pain Reflex or ACPR). The contraction grips and holds the pain within the body until it is released.

The ability by the SHEN Therapy Practitioner to place his/her hands on the fully clothed body of the client in a specific pattern to amplify the natural flow of the Bio-Field leading to a dissolving of the contraction allowing the emotional cause of the pain to rise to the surface to be safely experienced and released.

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By Tony Bailey