Mind Body Spirit

Emotions… the missing element


In recent times awareness and interest in Mind Body Spirit has grown to become an industry – featuring in Exhibitions, workshops, magazines etc.

What has been largely overlooked however, is a key element – the role played by our Emotions.  This is surprising as our emotions affect every part of our being including Mind Body Spirit.

Emotions are not created by the mind – for example, we do not say “I think sad” we say “I feel sad” and we will name or point to that part of the body that is holding the emotion in a contraction.

The body is where the emotions live. Often born during childhood and buried deep inside our bodies they wait to be re-activated and triggered by every day events.  We cannot control our emotions, we can only release them or bury them.

The philosophers of ancient Greece believed that the soul lived in the emotions.  What is sure is that releasing painful emotions from the body leads to insights, re-empowerment and spiritual awakening.

The Emotions are the prime element in setting off the chain reaction affecting Body Mind Spirit. With understanding we should be acclaiming a more holistic name: Emotions Mind Body Spirit.

At Sanctuary we offer a range of retreats to help whenever your emotions hold you back in life.

By Tony Bailey CST CSI