Migraines and SHEN Therapy – a Non-Medicinal Solution

Clearly, migraines are the cause of many emotions and emotional states. Fear, despair, anxiety, hopelessness, and even shame are frequent companions of the migraine’s sickening physical pain. But whether migraines spring from emotional conditions is another issue as medical authorities are divided as to whether migraines are emotionally caused. The majority opinion is that they are not primarily caused by emotional factors, however, at the same time an emotionally traumatic or painful life situation is acknowledged to be present at the onset of many, if not most, cases of the disorder. See: Wolf’s Headache, 7th edition Oxford University Press; Chapter 12, Headache Disorders, Joel. R. Saper, John Wright Publishers; Migraine and its variants, George Selby, ADIS Health Science Press.

We disagree. In one pilot study of 35 people, SHEN was performed during a migraine episode and the migraine was stopped midstream in 24 of the cases. It was clear that painful emotions were associated with the onset of the migraines in most of the cases as all participants reported the release of pent-up grief, fear, and/or shame that had been held in the body since the beginning of their migraine history. Many recalled emotionally painful events associated with the onset of the series; several involved previously forgotten childhood trauma.

Most of the patients in the study were frequent migraine sufferers; the majority who were reported no further migraines after significant periods of time following treatment. The most noteworthy was a 36-year-old woman with a history of weekly or biweekly three-day to four-day migraines since age nine. Two years following a brief series of four SHEN sessions during which she recalled, for the first time, the emotionally painful circumstances surrounding her initial migraine 27 years before, she reported that she had no more migraines since the SHEN.

From: Assumptive Models and Research in Biofield Therapeutics. Proceedings of the Conference: Examining Research Assumptions in Alternative Medicine, July 1994, Bethesda, Maryland

How does SHEN Therapy help with Migraines?

SHEN theory operates on the principle that residue of emotional trauma from earlier in life is held deep inside the body where it influences the way we live our lives, and disrupts normal bodily functioning. When an event occurs that is similar to the originating event, it can aggravate the hidden emotions and cause them to flare up, worsening our behavior and exacerbating our physical problems. The painful emotional trauma is trapped in the body by the Auto-Contractile Pain Reflex (ACPR).
SHEN practice is a science-based form of biofield therapeutics that adheres to the physics of the biofield as deduced by Richard R. Pavek. When doing SHEN, we place our hands on your body in a series of precise, polarized locations that are indicated by the particular emotional condition you present and conform to biofield physics. This correctly focuses the qi (ch’i) from our hands so as to release the ACPR contractions trapping the painful emotions. In this way, SHEN safely lifts old, painful emotions to the surface where they disperse and leave.

SHEN is very effective with most migraines and cluster headaches. Compared to other approaches, SHEN is rapid; often only two or three SHEN sessions are needed to entirely end the episodes. Sessions are more effective when the session is performed during the migraine attack. Most often, the memory of the precipitating event will surface during one of the sessions. Often the emotionally painful originating event that occurred during childhood would not upset an adult. Almost always migraines involve emotions of the heart and emotions relating to self-worth, or personal value.
When you speak with your SHEN practitioner, ask about his or her experience with migraines and cluster headaches. SHEN does not interfere with any medical or psychotherapy treatment you may be taking.

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