Health and Wellness

Having good health and wellness is something we all want and strive to achieve.

So why do we find it so difficult to attain despite the vast amount of money poured into National Health Schemes, and year on year growth in spending on Health and Wellness treatments, medications and Therapies.

The answer is that we rarely consider the human being in a holistic manner. More often it’s a visit to the doctor for a prescription for a symptom or a partial approach to the needs of the body focusing on that part of the body we are unhappy about.

So what is Health? Well its’ 2 letters away from Heal. And there’s the clue. First, we have to heal.

To heal effectively needs awareness of how our body heals. Our natural state should be one of effortless being; of the body regulating every aspect of itself all the time.

The body stores pain.  If you experience a trauma, the body immediately contracts around the site of the pain and subsequently holds the pain within the body until you release it.  So how do you do that?

When the body relaxes, it naturally releases tension. We feel this as a twitch or jerk somewhere in the body.

If we can amplify the process of relaxing the body it follows that those traumas, hurts and pains held deep inside the body will release and leave the body.  The body responds to the release by returning to its natural state of effortless being.

SHEN Therapy has developed following extensive scientific research and clinical studies to provide a proven method of maximising the ability of the body to relax and release the contractions holding physical and emotional traumas from the past. As the pain leaves the body it is accompanied by changes throughout body and mind, behaviours and actions resulting in a richer, fuller experience of life.


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By Tony Bailey CST, CSI