Grief, loss and bereavement

How SHEN Therapy can help with grief, loss and bereavement

There’s only one thing certain in life and that’s change.

Change is natural, in many ways we’re used to it. What we sometimes find hard to cope with though is the speed of change, sudden change and change which is imposed upon us – change over which we have no control.

Faced with the loss of a loved one, you can expect to pass through many changes. These changes will typically include shock, denial, anger, a sense of being overwhelmed, immobilisation and losing the will to go on.

As the implications of the change dawn on us, a turbulent period of emotion starts with anger, guilt and hurt. This may be projected onto others or turned inwards as self blame. When the situation can no longer be denied or pushed away there are often feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, loss, confusion and depression.

Mourning and bereavement are frequently used interchangeably to describe the process of grieving with expressions of deep or intensive sorrow, distress and suffering.

For some however, the bereavement or mourning process doesn’t seem to have an end. Deprived of your loved one can leave you feeling desolate and alone, abandoned, broken hearted, suffering from a deep anguish, disconnected and helpless.

Grief, Loss and bereavement are emotions felt in the body which are constantly being triggered by everyday events.

When the body senses pain, whether from a broken bone or a broken heart, its automatic response is to contract around the pain. The medical term is ‘Auto Contractile Pain Reflex’ or ACPR – an involuntary contraction activated by pain. As involuntary contractions are not under conscious control, they continue to trap the painful emotions indefinitely.

SHEN Therapy is applied by using the energy between our hands in specific patterns to dissolve the involuntary contractions trapping the emotions. SHEN Therapy counteracts ACPR, relaxes the body tension around the emotional pain and assists the painful emotion to surface where it is safely released.
SHEN is a deep process of emotional release and healing. Once the old painful emotions have been dissipated, the deeper empowering emotions of love, joy and confidence are freed to establish a robust, resilient emotional core from which to move on with one’s life.
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By Tony Bailey, Certified SHEN Therapist & Instructor