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Emotionally Rooted Conditions where SHEN is Exceptional:

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SHEN and other disorders:

SHEN increases the physical body’s natural ability to heal itself in a great many ways. SHEN:

  • Relieves all temporary physical pain and accelerates healing of sprains, sunburn, scalding and abrasions.
  • Aids in passing of kidney stones and gallstones
  • Is noted for relieving the pain of childbirth, often transforming birthing into a spiritual experience.
  • Relieves fear and trauma of impending  surgery and markedly accelerates recovery following surgery.
  • Greatly reduces the pain of terminal cancer and decreases the amount of pain and medication necessary.
  • Relieves aches and pains of the elderly and settles fussy children, promoting naps and nighttime sleep.
  • Is an excellent antidote for stress.
  • Combats Jet Lag and stabilizes the pyche following sudden emotional shock or severe physical trauma.