A Healing Retreat at Sanctuary

“A Healing Retreat at Sanctuary”* (by an Author following a Retreat) For those needing some personal down time and one-on-one healing, Sanctuary offers an idyllic retreat space perfectly complimented by Tony Bailey’s SHEN healing therapy practice. Lying along the River Severn in the quiet town of Bewdley, Worcestershire, accommodation is a cosy self-catering apartment set Read More


*“Two weeks ago tonight I was still on retreat at your beautiful house in Bewdley. I remember at the time that you were very keen for me to keep you updated as to what happened after the retreat – especially as it didn’t appear that I experienced any kind of emotional release at the time. Read More


*“I’m feeling great and telling everyone about it, and thought to write a little testimonial below. I have been suffering chronic pain from Fibromyalgia for 13 years and have had many personal trauma events.It is 3 days after a weekend SHEN retreat with Tony Bailey as my SHEN therapist and I feel transformed. The treatment Read More


*Thank you so much for your help, kindness and sensitivity!  I had a wonderful stay in your Retreat Centre – I LOVE your garden and the atmosphere in the house. I’d love to come again sometime. I leave a lighter person! With love and light. PS:  “Keep up the good work!” *Results may vary from Read More


“Very comfortable and luxurious place to stay.”* *Results may vary from person to person


“Dearest Tony, you are truly one of the warmest most caring people I have ever met!”* *Results may vary from person to person


“Dearest Tony, ‘Thank you’ just doesn’t seem enough! – If all healers of the world were like you – we would have peace and joy. This retreat has been a magical and loving experience and I am so blessed and honoured to have met you”* *Results may vary from person to person


“Thank you so much for your help and the amazing sessions over the last few days.”* *Results may vary from person to person


“I cannot describe how grateful I am that I found SHEN Therapy and met you in June. Just one therapy session led me to reading such good books about personal development. In such a short period of time I started to feel very happy. I remember that I always conditioned my happiness. ie: always I said Read More


12 days after the Retreat: “Hi Tony! I hope you do not think me rude by not e.mailing you sooner, after my retreat. I could have e.mailed you as soon as I got home and given you ‘the usual’ feedback… I feel great. A weight has been lifted. I feel lighter etc.etc. All very true, Read More


”I thank you from the bottom of my heart. A huge thank you for a wonderful, peaceful stay. I felt so comfortable and calm in my surroundings. Thank you for welcoming me into it. You will definitely see me again.”* *Results may vary from person to person


“Thank you so much for all your kindness, support and compassion this year.  It meant more than you could know.  Things are very good now – corners have been turned and I feel very blessed. With love”* *Results may vary from person to person


“I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your kindness, help, support and love. You have a very magical place – a true Sanctuary for the soul. Rest assured I’ll be back for more SHEN”* *Results may vary from person to person


“I had a lovely experience at the Sanctuary and one I hope to repeat maybe later in the year as I do believe there is more to heal! I have to admit to not being a client who skipped joyfully out to greet the masses with huge smiles after my sessions – I was too tired!!  No Read More

Japanese Client

“Thank you very much for giving me your wonderful therapy! I thank you for trillions times!!!   Thank you so much for giving me such wonderful life changing experience!! I want you to know that what you did to me was a real gift with a blessing from God or something invisible yet powerful. It stays inside Read More


“Hello Tony, I cannot believe the difference from where I was a month ago, from being in that black hole to actually being out of it.  I still have the odd moment where I feel a little fed up but it doesn’t take long to pick myself up and move on. When I returned home, Read More


Dear Tony, I’ve had almost a whole week since my wonderful retreat. First of all I would like to thank you for providing such a beautiful apartment. It felt like being in my own little cottage and was just the perfect setting for me from the moment I walked in. It was like a home Read More


“Dear Tony, My Heartfelt thanks for a truly illuminating Retreat.  I can’t tell you how much your kindness, consideration and wisdom have made such a difference to how I feel. The whole experience has been wonderful. You are inspirational. Love and gratitude.”* *Results may vary from person to person


“Tony Bailey saved my life. I was totally broken when I first descended on him and had lost all will to carry on. He is incredibly caring, the most attentive listener and a first rate healer. One session at a time he facilitated my return to the light allowing me to start my Journey, he Read More

Comments from Client Immediately Following SHEN Session:

“It was amazing. I was in this abyss of love.  I could see my light in my Crown – like the sun but much brighter.  Peaceful feeling, like I wasn’t here – I was free.  At the end, I felt a rush of energy from top of my body to the bottom.”* *Results may vary Read More

Mother & Daughter End of Retreat Comments:

You invited us into your home and provided a Sanctuary. I entered heavy, weighed down and in despair. I have left enlightened, safe and peaceful. That is all thanks to you. There are no words to thank you for your generosity. I will put my skills to use and help bring SHEN into more people’s Read More


“My experience of SHEN has been incredible, and I can hardly believe the changes that have resulted. Tony created a supportive and safe space in which I was able to embark on my ‘Journey to Freedom’, for which I am deeply grateful. Having tried various techniques for emotional releasing work over the years, I am Read More


“An engineering training meant that I was initially sceptical and cautious of the claims and theory of SHEN. It was therefore a very pleasant surprise to experience effects and benefits which I could not explain by conventional thinking. I believe that SHEN helped me through a difficult part of my life and restored some of Read More


“I must say my life has changed considerably and quite possibly this could be checked back by my visits with you and taking up the opportunity for SHEN Therapy. I am far more in tune with my soul and spirit and I have visited the past in many stages to view and assess as an Read More


“Excellent therapy, can’t wait to take it further. Tony handled the situation superbly.”


“SHEN has enabled me to review and confront positively, a number of issues revolving around lack of self-worth, guilt and fear. I feel stronger and more confident. I hereby make a commitment to look ‘forward’ rather than back.


“Through the SHEN sessions I feel like I have been on a long journey – at times it has been difficult having to face painful memories but I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to assess my life (so far) and I am truly inspired by the way I can now look at Read More


“What can I say? – You’ve been my saviour and I really can’t thank you enough. I don’t wish to sound dramatic but I really feel as though I’ve undergone a major life change and it’s all thanks to you and wonderful SHEN. I feel so much happier, positive and confident, such a different person Read More


“I am very well at the moment and feel that the SHEN sessions you kindly gave me contributed. It feels as if I have moved on in my life.”


During SHEN session…. “Emotionally felt very strong, words “determined” and “strong” in mind. Also words “I’m not a victim”


“I think SHEN is wonderful. I’m 100% better. Thank you Tony.”


“Just a little note to say thank you for the SHEN you gave me. I have to say, I felt more relaxed than I can ever remember. On leaving after the sessions, as I walked along feeling so different (in a nice way), I almost expected the people sitting along the riverbank to look up Read More


“My right leg never felt same as left leg since getting M.S. When you put your hands on – unbelievable warmth. I was so excited – I just can’t believe it. Then it felt like all the vessels inside were opening up – I wanted to go and kick a ball.”

Shian Wing, Spa Director

I do believe I should be thanking you, I am so pleased that Tony made the introduction and I know that threre will be many exciting opportunities to explore in the future as I look at how best to introduce your unique skills into our environment. I absolutely loved the SHEN therapy, and felt that Read More


“I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your kindness, help, support and love. You have a a very magical place – a true Sanctuary for the soul. Rest assured I’ll be back for more SHEN”

Tony Hosey – Fitness Center Manager

Here is what I thought about SHEN: Having had the privilege of experiencing Spa treatments all over the world I have had everything from Seaweed wraps to hot stone treatments. The SHEN treatment I received from Tony Bailey was truly a relaxing experience. The weightlessness of the cradle is extremely relaxing. During the hour I Read More


I think less and feel more. I have more awareness of my body. I have become more aware of how much of a slave I have been to my brain/mind rather than it being a tool that I can use/control, I have become more observant of my thoughts. I have become more observant of my Read More


“Tony, What can I say. Your caring nature is wonderful. You have helped me find myself and hopefully I can take away these things you have opened my eyes to and find the wonderful life ahead that awaits me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. A huge thank you for a wonderful, peaceful Read More


“Thank you Tony, for being you and being there for me”

Marcel Proust

“We are healed of our suffering only by experiencing it to the full”