SHEN Therapy is available at:-

Heart of England SHEN Therapy Centre, Bewdley, Worcestershire

  • Corporate Clients (often as an Occupational Health provision for Executive Stress, Redundancy/Outplacement, current life crises/ emotional well- being as well as personal growth programmes)
  • Individual Clients (for those wishing to release deeply held, painful emotions and move on in their lives)
  • Celebrities (specialist support is provided to celebrities requiring total discretion and privacy. Sanctuary has its own fully, self contained apartment with separate entrance)
  • Sports Men and Women (as well as facilitating emotional release and personal growth, SHEN Therapy has also been found to be beneficial in the treatment of sports injuries)
Life Enrichment Programmes

Individually designed programmes for life enrichment including:

  • Discovering one’s true Life orientation/Life purpose leading to personal empowerment to achieve fulfilment in all areas of life.
  • Counselling for Life crises and developing coping strategies
  • Emotional rescue and therapy
  • Mentoring and facilitating personal growth.